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Graphic Design Services

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Graphic Design Services

UI-UX design principles underpin all our services offered in this space to produce extraordinary outcomes. UX (User Experience) is all about the user experience of both physical and digital products across the entire journey. We use cognitive science to understand the users response to various scenarios of using a product at various stages.

UI (User Interface) on the other hand, focuses on the aesthetics and visual touch points that generates greater excitement for users to indulge with digital products. At Atula™ we have consciously chosen a user/human-first approach in both product design (UX) and the aesthetic experience it generates while interacting with that Product (UI). We deliver outcomes (products) that delight users visually and also with the effectiveness of the solution they are seeking.

graphic desgin service

Our range of Graphic Design Services include captivating Brand and Logo design, Banners, Posters, Animation Graphics, Brochures, Product Designs, Packaging Designs, Illustrations, Website, Mobile App mock-ups and prototypes.

If any of these services described below, resonate with what you are looking for, get in touch right away.

Brand & Logo Design

Having a brand guide is critical to ensuring that your brand is always presented to the outside world in a consistent way that you want it to be identified or associated. Our Brand and Logo design and style guidelines enable this consistency, whether in use of fonts, weights, colours, buttons and icons or graphics, videos or images across all print, broadcast and digital media. We can offer a light touch guide or a detailed one as necessary - depending on your constraints.

Banner, Poster, Brochure & Product Designs

We offer both print and digital designs for banners, posters and brochures. Product design requires a deep appreciation of human cognitive science to study the impact of various scenarios that generates several user experiences. At Atula™, we are passionate about delivering an effective and aesthetic Product and Design ideas for your business. Of course we do get obsessive about getting it right over several cups of coffees, teas and cakes along the way.

Website and Mobile Mock-up designs

You don't need to spend a large sum of money until you see the proof of the pudding. Try us out by asking for a short Mock-up or prototype designs. We work collaboratively with you using our UX and UI expertise to develop an interactive slice of your final product. Our customers get the benefit of high quality outputs, thanks to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite that we use as a standard design platform. This enables us to rapidly adapt and accommodate to changing needs to produce something that is both visually engaging and yet achieving the effectiveness you need.

Motion Graphics and Animation

The rate of human evolution suggests a constantly declining attention span. We need to assimilate things fast. At Atula™, we leverage the power of motion graphics and animation to deliver snappy and visually impactful business videos, explainer videos for your products and services, to achieve your branding and business objectives. Our approach includes storyboarding, content development, final audio-video production followed by post-production edits. From experience we recommend 55 seconds as the ideal explainer video size that saves users from reading through 5-10 minutes of content.

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