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Industry Solutions

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Industry Solutions

Our Industry Solutions have been driven by the need to do our bit to help affected businesses bounce-back in the light of the recent pandemic. The Hospitality, Health Care, Logistics and Warehouse business are some of the many worst affected sectors. As such we have products such as EZStay™ for Hospitality, Care Optima™ for Health Care/ Care Homes, Stockontrol™ for Warehousing and Fleet Optimo™ for Fleet Management and Customer Delivery Experience. We have deep product development capability with flexible licensing and commercial models. All our industry solutions device, browser and cloud agnostic. Our solutions are designed to improve efficiency and delivered to make work simple.
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Specialised heathcare

We have built Care Optima specifically for the Care Sector, to provide specialised care to vulnerable people. Timely meals, medication and mood monitoring through the app, as well as overall management and administration through the web admin portal. Developed, bearing in mind the stringent requirements of the CQC, we can personalise it to your requirements of care provision.


The way we travel has significantly changed since the events of last year. Our EZStay app is built for the hospitality industry to deliver exceptional guest experience without compromising on social distancing. Completely bespoke, we deliver it in your branding, include your specific promotions and offerings.

Fleet Management

Our team of developers have built an application to improve efficiencies of a customer within the logistics sector. Not only were they able to optimise route planning, they were also able to improve customer service through better, real-time communication. Great savings on time, effort, money + happy customers!

Warehouse Management


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