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Maintenance and Support Services

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Maintenance and Support Services

At Atula™, our Maintenance and Support Services are critical to ensure the stability, availability and longevity of your website / application. A website that is unavailable reflects badly on the business and can affect credibility and reputation, apart from loss of business and marketshare.

More often than not, businesses tend to overlook the crucial element of speed, responsiveness, code quality, image compression, malware, virus and trojan attacks, availability, database capacity, memory utilisation, disk space and other parameters. It is therefore important for your mission critical applications to be available at all times.

Our ongoing maintenance and support for all websites e-commerce and applications designed and developed by us, give our customers the peace of mind that we have them covered. Even if you have an existing website – not developed by us, but that needs to be maintained, we would consider supporting it and revamping the website/application gradually over time.


Maintenance And Support Services for your Digital Estate

Atula™ offer a set of Gold-standard maintenance and support services (applications and web ) for all businesses. These cover technical support and maintenance of your web, mobile and/or bespoke applications we design, develop and implement for you. Our main objective is to ensure that your business thrives with a reduced cost of ownership. We help you maximise your Return On Investments (RoI). We are a safe pair of hands and helping you keep your operational costs low over time through a stable system. With our support service you get 100% peace of mind that we have you covered. Typically, our Support and Maintenance Services ensures:
1. Availability - keeping your mission critical application server, database always on, up and running 24/7/3G 65 is the prime objective of this service
2.Reliability - with no bugs, 404 errors, broken links, issues or problems limiting the smooth ongoing performance of the system.
3. Security - Protected from Anti-virus and malware attacks
4.Performance Tuning - Through minification of the code ( esp. for websites) across technologies like Java, HTML and CSS to name a few.
5. Bug-fix - Ensuring all technical issues like 404 errors, broken links and other issues/ bugs that affect the uptime of the application are detected, analysed and resolved rapidly.
6 Speed - ensuring that the load time of your website/application for the search engines is optimal across devices especially with Mobile / tablet devices.

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