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Top SEO Tips to Improve Your Website's Visitor Count

Top SEO Tips to Improve Your Website's Visitor Count

So you have your beautiful looking website and are raring to go! One of the key parameters of the success of your website would be how easily it can be found by someone wanting what you offer. In present times, staying above and ahead of the competition is not just a difficult task, it is also one that needs to be done constantly. Before we even proceed on sharing tips, our advice would be to take a moment and see if you’re up for a new challenge.

Without making the task sound too ominous, we need to state plainly that Optimising your website for search engines (SEO) requires strategies and techniques for the task, so that your website appears more in search results. Having said that, let’s get started:

1. Keyword density is essential to optimise your website for different search engines. What this means is use your list of keywords often enough so that your page pops up in a search. How much is too much though? Well, we suggest using a keyword about 18-20% of your content should be a good amount without coming across as spam.

2. So you don’t make stupid mistakes, learn more from SEO experts and from their experience. You must also be aware of the potential risks in order to make informed decisions and not penalise your website.
3. Use header tags. If they are too big, consider using CSS to change the size of your header tags. Search engines love headers and utilise them as a way to rank your website.

4. Check out competitor websites and read the source codes of their websites. This will help you understand how other websites use SEO and what keywords they use. Make sure however that the keywords they use are actually relevant to your business.

5. Using feeds from a product can draw more traffic and customers to your website. Feeds may contain information about your business, including descriptions, prices, and prices. Submit feeds to websites that evaluate prices and all these most popular search engines.

6. Blogs rank well because algorithms for search engines favour highly-structured information and new content. Backlinks are crucial to getting the highest ranking when it comes to SEO. So make sure you regularly publish new content on your website. If you need help creating content for your website then contact a creative content agency.

7. Your website must be designed for easy reading and navigation.

8. Make sure your website focuses on around a dozen or so primary terms and keywords that convey the essence of the content of your website. Analytical tools can help you determine the words and phrases that generate the most traffic.

9. Review the design and flow of your website every now and again and make navigation smooth. This can increase the efficiency of your website and attract more audience.
10. Make sure you use your keywords in all your social media handles and promotions. Hashtags with these can get more attention and people coming your way.
11. The first paragraph of your website should contain phrases that can also be used as HTML META descriptors. Search engines use this method rather than tags to inform the users what your site will be in the results. Poor content is detrimental to your SEO
12. Remember that most of your content is going to be read by people! So make it easy to understand and relevant. We mention this because targeting keywords to spiders and crawlers is just as crucial and content written by bots would work well for them but make it really off-putting for the rest.
13. Find out their experiences in your field, what they believe essential SEO techniques are, what they consider important SEO methods, how long it will take to begin to see results, and the cost they will charge. Get recommendations from past clients and prove that they’ve performed well before. A reputable and reliable company will be satisfied enough to abide by the rules.
14. Your page rank depends on your website’s performance at a particular point.
15. Encourage the person who is the face of the company to be active online. People are eager to hear from senior members of a business.

16. If your site has many videos, be aware that crawlers may have difficulty finding them, no matter how excellent the videos’ quality. To help website crawlers in recognising your videos, make an index of your site that lists the videos you have posted on your website to ensure that internet crawlers view the videos.

17. RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication) should be present on your website. RSS feed updates that are frequently refreshed and count as new content. If you cannot locate an RSS feed appropriate for your site, make your own and update it regularly with related topics. Encourage your audience to follow your RSS feed too.
18. On every page on your website, ensure that every title or heading is distinctive and engaging. The most important terms in the titles are the first two or three.

19. Server headers are a crucial element of the success of SEO. Server headers that are not set up correctly. Check to see if any redirects aren’t trying to redirect.

SEO is mostly a science but can also be an art.It is one that not only requires constant effort in action, one also needs to keep up with the ever changing trends and algorithms of search engines. Of course it can be done in house, but it would be best to get an SEO agency to do this for you as they tend to be focussed on this activity and always aware of the next trend. The possibility of a boost in website traffic is more accessible to you than you think!